Aunt Nora’s on Palliative Care Booklet


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* A Story for Children and a Reference Guide for Adults *

Understanding Palliative Care can be challenging, including for adults. Aunt Nora’s on Palliative Care was created by a Palliative Care Social Worker to help support children and adults experiencing Palliative Care. Created with sensitivity and the goal to describe Palliative Care benefits using a simple and straightforward approach.

Aunt Nora’s on Palliative Care is a sweet story where Maria’s friends, Lucy and Jake, are introduced to palliative care services. Learn with Lucy and Jake as they familiarize themselves with the visiting Registered Nurse (RN), Palliative Care Aide, Social Worker, and Physical therapist as well as other specialized team members.

This book is thoughtfully designed for adults to read to children, for children to read to adults, and for adults and children to have a better understanding of Palliative Care services.


Albanian, Armenian, Chinese, English, French, German, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese


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