Heather Barbatsis

Understanding Hospice, Home Health and Palliative Care services can be challenging. My materials were designed to help introduce the benefits of these programs with the goal to help families find the support and resources they need to lead fulfilling lives.”- Heather Barbatsis, LCSW

Hospice, Home Health, and Palliative Care Programs:

Hospice, Home Health, and Palliative Care programs each have their individual benefits. Understanding each program reduces regret in patients and families, increases trust and bonding experiences, while highlighting the support performed by various staff members. 

Choosing which program is challenging, even for health care professionals in their efforts to understand the individual needs of each patient and family they serve. Families and patients are increasingly seeking out professionals working in healthcare for support with expectations of staff to help provide educated guidance on which program and services best suits their individual needs.


Heather Barbatsis

  • Booklets were created to highlight the individual benefits of Hospice Care, Home Health, and Palliative Care services and how increased education, support, new materials, and encouragement, these historically underutilized programs can inspire people to seek out services sooner, leading to a better quality of life.

  • As a result of the outstanding artistry by QBN Studios, illustrations immediately translate, and viewers can refer back with ease regarding the comprehensive benefits of each program. Additionally, sharing their booklets with others increases the likelihood of referrals, inspires networking within families and communities, and motivates current support systems.

  • Ongoing communication during times of transition is pivotal for clients in need and the booklets foster these priorities. Booklets are a forward approach to the power of increased education, support, introduction of new materials, with the goal to inspire people to seek out services sooner, leading to a better quality of life. 

  • In working with hospice, home health and palliative care clients, Heather’s materials incorporate the information in text and illustration form. This allows both children and adults to get an immediate understanding of services and staff that support the patient and the family as a whole.