About Heather Barbatsis

About Heather Barbatsis, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Author

Heather Barbatsis, LCSW, International Speaker, Consultant, and Advocate for Medical Supportive Services

Heather’s ongoing passion is to help and support people. Her dedication to the helping profession started during her career in the Navy and progressed into college with the completion of her Master’s Degree in Social Work. Heather’s also a licensed counselor and has been supporting patients and families as they cope with difficult transitions and unexpected challenges for nearly 20 years.

Her series of booklets were inspired by the expressed needs of patients and families who desire realistic, constructive information, for adults and children alike to share about the changes of health.  Heather’s goal in writing and designing the booklets is to empower readers to navigate the complexities of health care services as well as to help them find the support and resources they need to lead fulfilling lives.

After listening to the needs of patients and families, Heather wrote and carefully designed each element of her booklets. The goal of each booklet is to acknowledge the questions that both children and adults have to ultimately reduce anxiety, dispel inaccurate taboos, encourage healthy communication, and to cultivate a positive, healing environment for clients.  

It was imperative for Heather to have materials that connect with clients, using accurate illustrations and everyday terminology that gives both piece of mind and insight into the day-to-day experiences of clients using hospice, home health, and palliative care services. Her books also aim to elevate diversity and include a variety of characters having different racial and ethical backgrounds. These inspirational characters are the embodiment of the helping profession and are a representation of the everyday American.